Holiday Hours 2020:

Thanksgiving Week:
Monday, November 23rd: Open 8AM-5PM
Tuesday, November 24th: Open 8AM-5PM
Wednesday, November 25th: Closed
Thursday, November 26th: Closed
Friday, November 27th: Closed

Christmas Week:
Monday, December 21st: Open 8AM-5PM
Tuesday, December 22nd: Open 8AM-5PM
Wednesday, December 23rd: Open 8AM-5PM
Thursday, December 24th: Closed
Friday, December 25th: Closed

New Year's Week:
Monday, December 28th: Closed
Tuesday, December 29th: Open 8AM-5PM
Wednesday, December 30th: Open 8AM-5PM
Thursday, December 31st: Closed
Friday, January 1st: Closed

Evans Dental: Care. Compassion. Quality.

Fort Collins, CO

Is going to the dentist difficult because of previous bad experiences? Do you have a toothache or painful, bleeding gums? Are you embarrassed by your smile?

There's no trick to finding the right dentist in the Fort Collins, CO, area - just call Evans Dental. Whether you're looking for teeth whitening or orthodontics, or you have a tooth that's crying out for attention, you need a dentist you can trust to take care of all your dental needs.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

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Our Focus

At Evans Dental, we represent a new experience in dentistry with a focus on three areas:

  1. Care: The right dentist will focus on care in all areas - from the patient to the services. When you walk in to Evans Dental, we will ensure that you are comfortable. From a clean office to the best technology, we are confident that you will feel cared for. Additionally, we strive to provide dental care that is preventive, proactive, and corrective.
  2. Compassion: If you have experienced bad dental care in the past, it can change your view of dentists - preventing you from getting the help you need. At Evans Dental, we want to change your view of dentistry. With compassion as the watchword of our staff members, services, and care, we know this will change your view of dentists.
  3. Quality: After receiving dental services, we want to make sure that you won't have issues in the future. When you come to Evans Dental, Dr. Evans has long-lasting care in mind. With a focus on quality cleanings and dental procedures, we strive to solve your problem effectively while preventing future issues.

If you are searching for an experienced and caring dentist in the Fort Collins, CO, area, look no further! Call Evans Dental today at 970-221-1926 to schedule your appointment!


At Evans Dental, we are proud to serve the Fort Collins, CO, area with the best dental care available. Our practice uses the latest technology to prevent dental issues from occurring while caring for your mouth and smile. Visit us today to experience dental care at its best!