Removing a Cavity Is Only the First Step

Removing a Cavity Is Only the First Step

You'll need a tooth filling in Fort Collins, CO

Cavities can leave your teeth vulnerable - even after they've been removed. That's why it's necessary to get a tooth filling to fully repair your smile. Evans Dental can handle the job. Our dentist provides long-term tooth care to patients throughout the Fort Collins, CO area. You'll get a filling that matches the shape of the surrounding tooth, restoring strength and integrity.

If you're experiencing aches and throbbing or sharp pains, you may need a tooth filling. Ask us about the other signs of issues now. You can reach us by calling 970-221-1926.

Don't neglect your damaged teeth

If your tooth has been damaged by decay, you'll end up with a cavity, or small hole within the tooth. Fillings are treatments that fully repair damaged teeth. They:

  • Prevent decay from reentering the vulnerable area
  • Protect the sensitive inner nerves of your teeth
  • Restore the structural integrity of your teeth

To get started on your tooth filling, schedule a consultation with a skilled dentist in Fort Collins, CO today.